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Rules & Regulations

All students are expected to have knowledge of all rules and regulations of the college and ignorance of this is not an excuse. In addition to rules and regulations officially adopted by the management of the College all students should follow the general rules like :

  1. All Students should behave in a manner worthy of college atmosphere.

  2. Students should be punctual, regular and attentive in the class.

  3. No loitering in the corridor or premises is entertained.

  4. No student should indulge in activities within the campus or outside which brings bad name to the college.

  5. No Student should indulge or involve himself/herself in any kind of demonstration which disrupts the activity of the college.

  6. Gambling, Playing cards or possessing harmful material is strictly prohibited.

  7. Use of filthy language or writing slogans or comments on the walls is strictly prohibited.

  8. Students are required to compulsorily carry their Identity Cards at all times and should produce if demanded by the College authorities.

  9. All the students should read the notices displayed from time to time on the notice board.

  10. All the students should restrict their movement to the respective premises only.

  11. No student should entertain any of the outsiders, friends or relatives in the classes or the campus during the college hours.

  12. All students should take up the periodic tests without fail, as they prepare them for Board / University exams.

  13. Students should note that the college property is to be safe guarded and any damage done will cause inconvenience to the other fellow students and loss to the Institution.

  14. Ragging is strictly prohibited either inside or outside the College.

  15. Admissions are made by the admission Committee and no Agents or Brokers or Mediators are entertained.

  16. Admissions are made only in the Chambers of the Chairman.

  17. No refund of fees on cancellation of the admission at any time of the year for any reason.

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