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The total of atleast 80% attendance is to be put in by every student throughout the academic year and 100% attendance in all the Tests and Examinations. Thus, at the time of issue of forms for the Final Exams, the students who fulfill this criteria only will be given the application forms for writing the Board Examinations.

Timings :

Girls : 7.30 a.m. TO 12.40 p.m.
Boys : 1.00 p.m. to 6.40 p.m.

The above timings are maintained throughout the academic year, irrespective of the weather conditions or seasons.

Note : Parents are requested to seek / call for the attendance of their wards, regularly for constant monitoring. No student is allowed to leave the premises, once they enter. Moreover, the parents should make necessary arrangements to pick the students from the college within half an hour of its getting over.

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